Health Care Consulting

Konect Consulting is excited to welcome this innovative, experienced and thoughtful consultant to the company. Madison’s own physician consultant Michael Ostrov, MD, MS will be lending his talents as an independent contractor to the Konect Consulting, LLC enterprise, expanding services in the Health Care leadership space. Dr Michael Ostrov’s consulting service specialties include:

  • Health Care Analytics
  • Technology Assessment
  • Quality Improvement
  • Population Health
  • Strategic Planning for the Health Care Executive
  • Health Care Executive Mentoring

Dr. Michael Ostrov is the recipient of the 2016 Physician Citizen of the Year Award given by the Wisconsin Medical Foundation in recognition of his leadership to design and establish ground-breaking programs in the access to and delivery of health care services, positively impacting patients throughout Wisconsin.

MD healthcare consultingDr. Michael Ostrov has extensive experience supervising and mentoring leaders and managers. He has found role of mentor/coach to be deeply rewarding. One of his key mentoring strengths is to work closely with health care leaders to develop their leadership skills and style. He helps them improve their understanding of how to effectively leverage their skills so as to accomplish their organization’s goals within the complex structures and culture of the enterprise.  He has expertise contracting with health system counterparts where he creates and sustains collaborative partnerships with the people in these systems, including major academic medical centers, specialty medical practices and health plans.

Here is a sample of some key leadership competencies that leaders and managers need to demonstrate and Michael Ostrov, MD is ready to coach and consult:

  • improve the leader’s understanding of his/her roles and responsibilities in relation to the Board, the senior/executive leadership team, colleagues and direct reports, so that the leader can skillfully navigate complex systems with added confidence and poise
  • improve the leader’s development so as to better align with company’s strategic plan
  • help the leader improve skills in goal setting, prioritization, and application of process improvement techniques to achieve the stated goals
  • coach strategies for improving direct report’s performance
  • address how to foster collaboration and teamwork both within and between departments
  • help the leader develop return on investment scenarios so to garner needed resources from the Board and senior leaders to achieve goals
  • improve the leader’s understanding of how to work within the parameters of organization and department budgets and how to influence the budgeting process to achieve long-term goals
  • coach methods to apply constructive discipline to foster the development and success of high potential direct reports and apply progressive discipline fairly and effectively when necessary
  • advise how to negotiate strong, well-constructed and sustainable contracts with strategic business partners
  • help the leader understand how to achieve all of the above within both non-profit and for profit enterprises