Publications and Research

Research Projects

Michael and I are collaborating on research and writing articles for publication on the following topics:

  • New approaches to leadership development for physician leaders
  • Creativity, creative problem solving and leadership development
  • How looking at art impacts the development of emotional intelligence for executives and managers: Observation skills, listening skills, empathy skills, diversity and inclusion awareness
  • The impact of contemplative writing on the health care professional’s quality of life in retirement
  • Creativity, visionary thinking and leadership
  • STEAM: Should we put Art and the Humanities back into educating the whole person?


Karen Ostrov:

  • “Daffodil Haiku” was published in the Wisconsin Foundation of Poets 2020 annual calendar.

Michael Ostrov:

  • “Pangea Redux” will be published in The 42 Stories Anthology, December 2019.
  • “Heavy Metal” was published in the Midwest Review, Volume 7 in June 2019.