About Michael Ostrov, MD

Michael Ostrov MD, MS has held significant physician executive leadership roles in the health insurance and medical group space from 1998 through 2017. Most recently, Dr. Ostrov was the Chief Medical Officer at Wisconsin Physicians Service, a company that provides commercial health insurance to Wisconsin and Illinois residents. He designed and implemented population health management programs using sophisticated health care analytics, technology assessment, pharmacy management, utilization management, case management and NCQA accreditation. Dr. Ostrov developed a variety of innovative programs in recognition of which he was named the 2016 Physician of the Year by the Wisconsin Medical Society. This prestigious award is given to only one Wisconsin physician each year.

Dr. Ostrov was previously the Chief Medical Officer at Agrace Hospice, the largest hospice in Wisconsin. He expanded their services from physician-led end-of-life care to upstream palliative care outreach programs using a team of nurse practitioners – the first such program in Wisconsin.

Dr. Ostrov was the Medial Director of Group Health Cooperative in Madison, Wisconsin, from 1998 through 2013. His responsibilities included oversight of both the physicians’ medical group and all medical management functions for their insurance company. Among his accomplishments were leading GHC to become the first health plan is Wisconsin to obtain NCQA accreditation, developing a Complementary Medicine program which remains unique in the nation, being the first health plan in Wisconsin to comprehensively adopt the EPIC EHR, and creating a unique combined Urgent Care/Physical Therapy program.

Dr. Ostrov started his career as a Board Certified Family Medicine physician. His first four years in practice were spent working in a medically underserved National Health Service Corp clinic. He then joined GHC in 1985 as a full time physician with Obstetrics.

Dr. Ostrov served for two years as the Chair of the Medical Directors Council of the Alliance of Community Health Plans, a leading national health insurance industry organization.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ostrov has worked passionately at the center of local and national efforts to improve the health of individuals and populations. At the executive level, he developed a number of cutting edge new models of health care delivery by bringing together health plans, physicians and allied health providers, and patients to improve quality outcomes, the patient experience and financial performance.

Dr. Ostrov received his BA with honors from the University of Michigan and his MD from St. Louis University, School of Medicine. He completed his residency in Family Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin and he received an MS in Administrative Medicine from the University of Wisconsin and the Kellogg School of Management.

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